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Gears of war 3

Reviewing a titan of a game, I’ll try.

No sleeves? How dare you!

I thought the first two were amazing with the graphics and the all around feel of the games and it was a change from the bore which is the FPS.

The first one just blew my mind and when I heard the second was coming out I thought to myself how the fuck can they improve on the first one?  Well they did, kind of.

The story for the second one was immense but the multiplayer sucked more balls than a porn star at a bukkake, with that said when I heard the third one was being released I was a little bit sceptical although I did buy it at 7 in the morning but that’s beside the point.

The game is very well done, awesome graphics, wicked game play, impressive story and all around Epic adventure. You couldn’t really ask for more than running at an enemy with a bayonet and just impaling him and holding him up to show the world the death you’ve just caused. Awesome indeed.

Death came quickly for this poor cunt.

The story is quite good but the ending is fucking awful, I mean I was sitting in my chair scratching my arse waiting for something truly awesome to happen then the credits started to roll and I just stared blankly at the screen wondering what the fuck was happening. To turn a trilogy into that ending is ridiculous to say the least but maybe that is just me.

My major gripe is going to have to be the multiplayer. I thought the multiplayer in the first game is by far the best and the multiplayer in the second game pissed me off so much that I wasn’t impressed with the multiplayer in the 3rd instalment. Not to say there is a shortage of game modes but the match making aspect is shit. If EPIC left it how it was then I would have been a happy man. Horde is back but with a Locust twist which means you can kill humans as a locust, fun. All the standard modes are back and it is fun but not as good as the first game, multiplayer wise.

Unless my internet goes then you’re on your own bro!

The game is awesome. It is still action packed, brutal and funny, just what you would expect.

Review: 4.5/5:  The game is fantastic yet the ending to the trilogy blew my mind because of how lame it was. The multiplayer was shit but Gears of War is definitely worth a buy regardless.

Stay beautiful.


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