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Let me in

Ah, yes another vampire film that stands out but not in a sparkly way. 

Snow angel! smiley face 🙂

Let Me In is an american version of the swedish movie Let The Right One In and it stars the little girl from Kick Ass and some other little boy who’s more a bitch than the little girl but hey cant moan because they both play their parts really well.

You've got red on you.

The film is about a kid who’s getting bullied at school, his parents are divorced and he lives with his mum who’s a junkie or booze hound or something along them lines. He eventually meets a little girl who appears to be the same age as him and the first thing out of her mouth is “we can’t be friends”. What the fuck is that?! that’s charming aint it? Anyway, as the film goes on you see the bloke she moved in with going off and doing some really shady things and obviously you think its her dad because of the age group. The film progresses and we start to see that the little girl isn’t who she says she is or what she says she is for that matter.

The shady things he does are quite brutal to say the least, I don’t mean by shady he waves his cock at oncoming traffic and runs off into the night, I mean he hangs people upside down n slits their throats so little miss bitey bitey can have some food.


As the film goes on the girl and the boy start to get close and turn into really good friends but the boy has got to deal with the bully at school and all that but it is quite good as a film and its far better than that twilight shit! If you like the old school vampire films like dusk till dawn and interview with a vampire and stuff like that give this a watch its decent.

Review: 4/5  Brutal film, nice story and a fuck load of violence.

Stay beautiful


2 responses

  1. Joe

    personally i think the swedish one is better

    October 13, 2011 at 12:12 AM

    • thats your opinion mate and i respect that but as long as it aint that twilight shit then we kool 😉

      October 13, 2011 at 12:13 AM

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