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Pulp Fiction

DOES HE LOOK LIKE A BITCH? Mr Jackson live long and prosper.

A boost to Uma Thurman's, Ving Rhames', and John Travoltas' career

Ah Yes Pulp Fiction, one of Quentin Tarantino’s earlier attempts of awesomeness. Does it disappoint? No. Is it awesome? Yes. What more do you need? How about a star-studded cast with lot’s and lot’s of mother fuckers thrown about, violence everywhere and even a gimp.

The film is made in such a way that was not seen in the early 90’s and it was ground breaking to say the least, not shown in chronological order and it is nice to try to work out what part goes where and all that jazz. It’s hard to say what the film is about and I’m not going to try because I wouldn’t want to ruin it for anyone.

Vincent and Jules ready to bust some heads or shoot some heads as the picture suggests

All I’m going to say is that Samuel Jackson is brilliant as usual and he brings a certain type of humour to the film. There are really funny moments in the film and the language is gratuitous but none the less funny as fuck. Who am I to judge? I swear more than Samuel Jackson and he’s Nick Fury!

Another iconic scene with John Travolta showing he has the skills that do indeed pay the bills.

Yes there is a scene with a gimp which is weird in itself but the film goes to show you how much of a genius Quentin Tarantino is he also makes an appearance as well.

Quotes in this film are many and you will find yourself using them on more than one occasion. The soundtrack for Pulp Fiction is also fucking sweet. I  had a track as my ringtone once, I may just have to do so again.

Review: 5/5: A brilliant a well thought out film, Unmissable and if you have missed it what the shit is stopping you?

Stay beautiful.


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