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The Thing (1982)

Old school film and one of my favourites. Aww yeah!


Back in 1982 John Carpenter (Halloween) made The Thing, it’s a remake of some short story which was made into a film in the 50s or something, fuck it I don’t know. The Thing, at the time, was ground breaking  because the effects were so visually repulsive yet so awesome that everyone was falling head over tit and scratching their arses trying to figure out what was going on.

Pictures don't really do it justice but Rob Bottin (SFX) is something to be admired

The story is about a group of scientists who uncover an alien life form and this alien can take over any organism and impersonate it perfectly which leads to proper paranoia within the group. Kurt Russell stars as the main character in one of his earliest roles (and his beard is awesome by the way) but he plays the part perfectly and we all know if an actor is good in a good film it makes the film so much better.

My beard tells me something is wrong!

I said at the beginning the special effects are superb there is no CGI or nothing of the sort the whole scenes with the alien impersonating people are all animatronics puppets and they are something else.

If you like films that are interesting, gory and strike a sense of paranoia even into the viewer then you will love this movie.

There is a prequel coming out next week and im going to see it because im a huge fan of this movie and I’ll review that most definitely.

Score 5/5 It hits the nail on the head so much and its made perfectly so I think it deserves this score.

Stay beautiful.


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