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The Inbetweeners: The Movie

Well, if you havent seen the Inbetweeners series then where the fuck have you been?

4 Dick heads do a movie.

Under a rock? Getting cosy with Bin Laden? Perhaps both? If you havent seen the series then I must say your missing out.

The series is about four socially awkward teens who spend their time trying to get laid as it were, but as you can guess they suck at it, I mean really suck at it and there was 3 series’ of this but the stuff they go through is brilliant. The teens include Will, a beanhead who’s smart but never knows when to say the right things, Jay, the compulsive liar who disgustingly brilliant with the stuff he comes out with. For instance, “put your wellies on lads, we’re gonna be knee-deep in clunge”. That’s fucking brilliant if I do say so myself. Simon, who is a prick plain and simple and Neil who is the dumb one in the group.

Left to right. Will, Simon, Jay and Neil. The socially awkward weenies.

Now the series was a major success but America wants to do a series and we all know when America does a remake of something there’s a major chance is going to suck. I KID America is awesome, Because of the success of the series it was only natural that a film was going to be made and you wont be disappointed.

In the film the lads go to Malia, Crete and the stuff they get up to is hilarious like proper gross out and funny and it kind reminds me of when I went on holiday just not as awkward :). In all honesty I think if you like british humour you’re going relate to and love this film, if not don’t see it because this is british humour at its finest. It’s a must see for anyone who is a fan of the series.

It’s like a cross between American pie and Snatch, sort of, not really at all but they’re the only two films that I could really think of, just minus the gangster theme of Snatch and minus the America theme of American Pie.

Review 4/5 British humour at its best, slow at some points but still you should enjoy it.

Stay beautiful.


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