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Paranormal Activity 3

Ok, the first Paranormal Activity absolutely scared the shit out of me, I mean to a point where I couldn’t sleep for a night or two because my house creaks like shit.

Sleep tight? NOPE

If you havent seen the first two you need to so you understand what the fuck is going on in this movie, there will be spoilers but bollocks if you aint seen the first two then you should have, where have you been under a rock or something?

The film is a prequel to the first two so it goes back to when the two girls who get harassed by mr ghostie are kids, something like 4 or 5 years old. The younger one of the two, Kristii, has an imaginary friend, which to be fair aint exactly uncommon for a kid her age, she starts talking to him and weird shit starts happening around the house. Again its the man of the house who starts seeing these weird occurrences and again the bitch doesn’t listen to him or care to watch the tapes because as always the woman is right. ( I love my girlfriend by the way she’s awesome).


As the film goes on shit starts to get weirder and weirder and the mum loses it and starts screaming at Kristi telling her friends not real and shit which pisses mr ghostie off. Its only until the woman herself sees her kitchen furniture, like her tables and utensils and shit like that drop from the ceiling that she starts to take notice and ups and leaves to go to her mums house. By this point Katie, the other sister, has been absolutely terrorized by mr ghostie and she’s starting to lose it. I’m not going to ruin the ending because I know im a dick but even i aint that harsh, but it is a good film in general and it does explain why mr ghostie is fucking with this family.

Check it out if you havent seen it and if you havent seen the first two don’t watch this one because lets face it fuck that :).

Review:3/5 Its getting stale and they couldn’t really do more after the first one but they did. Twice.

Stay beautiful.


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