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Human Centipede 2

Some things shouldn’t see the light of day.

if you see this poster, look away.

This film is something else and I don’t mean something else as in good I mean something else as in fucking hell did that just happen?

I saw the human centipede the first one when it came out and I was like yeah its rough but it aint that bad, this one on the other hand goes past anything I expected, this film is just about how far someone can go in film and boy does Tom Six do that.

The film is basically about a bloke named Martin, I think, anyway all he does is watch human centipede and wank with sandpaper, oh and he shoots people where he works. Let me explain, he is a night watchmen and just sits in his little booth watching the film and fantasising  about if it would work with not three people but twelve. This bloke is a goblin of a man I mean I feel sorry for the actor because if I looked like that I would be absolutely fuming.

Yeah, you know if you looked like this you would be gutted!

At least in the first movie the protagonist had expertise in the matter because he was a surgeon and done it on three dogs  but this Martin bloke is a little hermit that wouldn’t know his head from is arsehole.  Martin  knocks people out brutally with a crowbar and takes them back to a disgusting warehouse.

When he gets 12 people he starts to take their teeth out with a fucking hammer and it is brutal, proper brutal, that’s all im giving away at this stage but the worst part of the film is when he gets them all together all the twelve attached he makes them defecate into each others mouths, I’ve never gagged in a film but this one had me going because it’s so rough.

In the first film you know whats going on but you cant see it, in this one you know whats going on and you can most certainly see it, that’s all I can say about this film. I saw it only out of curiosity and I’m kinda regretting it but hey life’s a bitch. I’ve always been interested in how far films will go and this one nearly took the biscuit, but A Serbian Film is still on the top spot.

Review: 1/5 don’t watch this if you are faint of heart, seriously I mean that.

Stay beautiful. Well try to after seeing this!


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