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Internet Censorship?!

OK, I have just been passing through YouTube, as you do and I have come across a fellow reviewer who does what I do only better, I only think its fair that I get the point that he was making across to everyone who reads this blog or just passes through. Apparently in America the government is trying to push for a bill that will stop copyright infringement on every website that has it, for instance, YouTube, Facebook and twitter which are the big ones out there, could be shut down for copyright infringement due to people posting clips of spliced together images of anything and because there is music in the background its copyright infringement. Now this is fucking bollocks and it takes censorship to a new level I mean how can there be a bill that could wipe out the biggest websites known to man because so pissy singer gets upset because their music is being used?! Guess what get a fucking grip you stupid, arrogant, self obsessed, whiny, egotistical my mummy didn’t love me SAP! By the way this does not just affect America. As it’s the world-wide web if YouTube is taken down or Facebook then it will affect everybody. The internet is a majestic creation and helps everyone go about their day-to-day business so how can a fucked up government decide to push for a bill that could wipe out most sites that generate massive amounts of revenue for the countries? Some people are just so miserable and fucked up that they want everyone else to be fucked up and miserable with them. OH BOO HOO someone downloaded my music, just be happy that people are listening to it instead of getting worked up that you didn’t receive 100 quid for your 10.0000 pound record sales. it’s the same with Actors, they are moaning that people are downloading their films but to be honest who could blame them why spend 10 pound on tickets when your movie is probably going to suck arse anyway? im just surprised that there are people out there that are letting them push for this bill to be passed, it’s an absolute outrage. If you censor the internet you’re just shooting yourselves in the foot and I would like to see how long said bill stays untouched. The bill is called Protect IP act or SOPA. There are petitions that are floating around the internet that you can sign to stop this happening. If it passes shame on all those people who let it happen, you have just fucked up the world and you will have a backlash on your hands. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.


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