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Yay another doomsday film, Lets crack on with the review shall we?


The film stars Nicholas Cage who’s a science teacher at a college or university one of them anyway, and he loses his wife in a fire which leaves him with just his son who is a proper weird one but the actor does well.

The film starts off in 1959 where the children of a school plan to do a time capsule which is where they do drawings and the like to seal away underground so that 50 years later the new students and teachers can open it to look back at the drawings or some shit.

There turns out to be a really weird little girl in 1959 who, instead of drawing a picture, write a random series of numbers which leaves the teacher of the class confused and mind fucked.

Weird right?

50 years later, when they decide to open the time capsule, who else to get the paper but the weird son, who hasn’t got a clue, to be fair nor would I if I looked at this piece of shit. He shows his dad and his dad just brushes it off but quickly comes to realise that these numbers mean a significant catastrophe in history and how many people would die in that catastrophe, 9-11 is on there and shit like that.

As anyone would, Nic tries to save people from the catastrophe but as you know by now in these films that never happens so the main character is left stood there looking like a bloke pissing in the wind. The movie aint that bad and I enjoyed it because I like doomsday films and the theories that surround them, the only thing that grinds my gears about this film is the build up to the ending, I’m not going to ruin it but if you get sucked into this film like I did it will be a bit of the norm of films like this.

Good Lord! So many numbers šŸ˜¦

The film is decent it does build suspense in the right places (except the end) but I think it’s quite solid as a movie. Nicholas Cage is still a cock but he’s a decent actor.

Review: 3/5 Decent doomsday film, weird kids and some nice death scenes.

Stay beautiful.


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