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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Alrighty then let’s crack on with a review, shall we? I’ll start of by saying this is my first Deus Ex Experience meaning, I haven’t played any of them up until now. Deus Ex: Revolution is about Adam Jensen who lives in a world where you can augment your body to make it better, stronger, faster and probably to wipe your arse with no hands. Adam Jensen works for a company called Sarif Industries who make these augmentations and the company is one day busted into and everyone is nearly killed including Adam. When Adam wakes up he finds out they are putting him back together using these augmentations and he goes on a rampage to find out who nearly killed him, or some shit like that anyway.

They shall call me! TIN CAN MAN!

The game is an RPG or Role Playing Game for you noobs out there, so that means you can complete the game in the way you want, want to kill everyone? Go for it. Want to stealth your way through it? Go ahead. It is semi linear in-game play meaning you go from here to there no questions asked but if you speak to the right people you can open up side quests to make the game much longer which is always a plus. I am deadly serious when I say that you will struggle with this game at points which is good but it can become quite tedious when you are making your way through a corridor and get to a really hard part, which you think is going to be simple, and you get shot to shit or you can’t get past because of no ammo, it will ruin your mind just for a little bit but not too much that you will stop enjoying it. When you start off you will need to keep playing as the first couple levels are just like a generic first person shooter but as you go on the game starts to get really fun and enjoyable to play. If you press B or O on the consoles you can take-down and enemy either lethally or non-lethally and the take-downs are awesome every time you do them.











The upgrades section is also really cool because without it you would be well and truly fucked in this game, you can upgrade your armour, take-downs, hacking skills and pretty much everything that you have a limb for which is quite awesome. The makers of the game definitely took  their time on this game and it shows, there are some minor pops and glitches and the A.I gets stuck sometimes but its a really solid RPG.

Review 4/5:  It is slow to start off with but once you get going it is an awesome game, difficult at times but nothing to get you annoyed. It is a great game all around. The pops and glitches can ruin it sometimes but I recommend it to anyone.

Stay Beautiful.


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