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Rayman: Origins.

Floaty hands that don’t connect to arms? This can only mean one thing. RAYMAN!

The game goes back to its roots in the style of a 2-D platformer (none of this 3-D shit) and it is definitely the best 2-D game I have ever played, yeah Mario was good but this blows it out the water, easily.  To be honest if you are looking for a story driven game then go elsewhere because you aint going to find it here that I can guarantee you but if you are looking for just an all out fun game that will keep you entertained for ages then this game is definitely a must.

First off the Ubi art framework graphics are absolutely amazing, you can tell they took their time with this game and the designs that you see in the game are really remarkable.


I can’t really do the game justice with pictures of gameplay because it’s a sight that must be viewed first hand so watch a clip of it in action or something.

The music of the game is also amazing, there will be many times when you will hear a tune from the game and it will be stuck with you to the point where it is fucking annoying but you can’t help but whistle along or nod your head in time to the music. I would like to meet the team behind this game because they done so well that Mario is shitting himself because he can see his best 2-D platformer mantle slipping away rather quickly.

In Rayman: Origins you will find yourself shouting at the T.V or gritting your teeth at the frustration of not being able to do a certain  part of the game but it isn’t the type of frustration that will cause you to turn the game off but the type that will make you want to finish the level because of the pay off.

There is a lot to do in this game, I have literally just got 1000 gamer score on it because I was so addicted to it and whoever plays it will also be addicted.

There is one part in the game, which I wont ruin but it will make you so angry because of how difficult it is but at the same time when you complete the level you feel so good it is unreal.

This Is the hardest part of the whole game, trust me.

The game play flows so beautifully and smoothly that it really is a brilliant game to play for anyone who is a fan of fun games. I never got to play the multi player (forever alone) but if it is as good as the single player then im sure it is awesome.

Review: 5/5 Finally after 16 years they have finally made a Rayman game worthy of the taking its place up there with the original. Best 2-d platformer ever in my opinion, excellent graphics, excellent music, excellent game play. Frustrating parts but not that it matters because it don’t. Perfect game really. A must for anyone with a brain.

Stay beautiful.


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