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Metal Gear Solid. HD Collection.

So lets dive right into this review because let’s face it ,it’s late.

Ah yes, Metal gear solid, a game that was back in a simpler time when people used to fight one on one and not have to worry about being stabbed, times when a grandma was age appropriate and when kids knew that having kids was the worst outcome of sex and not seeing them as  means of getting a shiny new flat off the council. Yes these time were indeed glorious but hey things change for a reason.

The times of the block headed graphics. A simpler time indeed.

If, like me, you played this game, which put the stealth genre of gaming on the map, you’ll know that there were many sequels to this game explaining the intricate plot line and fucked up Japanese-ness that comes with it. When the second Metal Gear Solid came out I was over the moon and fuck me i was right to be. The sequel to the first MGS was an awesome game and so on and so forth so for some random but fucking awesome reason they brung out a HD collection of the second,third and in-between game on the Xbox and Playstation 3.

Fuckin A!

The game-play is pretty much the exact same as its original counterpart but just for nostalgia sake it’s awesome in every way. To be fair it says HD collection but the graphics are pretty much the same also apart from some minor tweaks to the smoothness of them.

Metal Gear Solid 2

HD Collection.












The game in itself is awesome because it carries 3 games on 2 discs so for the price (£30.00) it is a really good deal.

In the first chapter of Metal Gear 2 you play as Solid Snake, the iconic character from the original games which is fun as fuck to say the least. After The first chapter you switch to some blonde weasel who looks like he should be in a shampoo advert (because he’s worth it my arse) called Raiden and, without ruining the story too much, you go on this structure called the big shell and it’s all a bit long-winded but really gets the memories flooding back.

I have only briefly checked out Metal Gear Solid 3 which is set during the cold war and I know that you play Snake’s dad, THE BIG BOSS, and he comes equipped with an eye patch.

See. Eye patch. (no pun intended)

The games really are a trip back to the good old days and I was 11 when I played Metal Gear 2 and about 6 or 7 when I played the first one so you can understand my joy when this came out.

I recommend these fucking awesome games to anyone who is a fan of the series because it’s about time they started re-releasing proper games.

Review 5/5 – For sheer brilliance in the gaming world and a real jump back in time to show what games were like in a time way back when. Times when a kid licked an ice cream not a winky.

Stay beautiful.


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