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The Woman In Black.

Also known as The Black Woman by quite a few people I have spoken to but who am I to judge.

Bit of a change for old Potter.

The Woman In Black stars good old Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe who stars as Arthur Kipps a lawyer who loses his misses when she give birth to their child. When his misses dies, old Kipps decides to turn to the drink to wallow in self-pity whilst neglecting his son. Kipps is told by his boss that since his wife died his performance at the law firm has slipped and although he understands his predicament if he don’t buck up his ideas he is going to lose his job. Kipps is given a job to sort out all the paperwork in a house that was occupied by a creepy old woman and after she died people started seeing her ghost floating about and strange things start to occur when this happens.


When I went to see this film I was expecting a generic horror movie and I thought Daniel Radcliffe was going to Avada Kedavra his acting career so my expectation for the film wasn’t exactly high. How was I wrong. Daniel Radcliffe is really good outside of the Harry Potter franchise and his acting isn’t as one-dimensional as I thought, the film was also brilliantly done and it doesn’t just rely on jump scares and loud noises to scare you. The film is so well done that it sucks you in and there are parts when you think “fuck that” so kudos to the director.

There are definitely parts that will make you think how the fuck is this a 12A because they really push the boat out when it comes to the content. The film is creepy as hell, the atmosphere is spot on and the scares are intricately placed into what is going on not just a “everything is quiet….. JUMP SCARE.  You will notice the build up to a scare but you won’t know when its coming so it is quite nail-biting to say the least.

Please be Voldermort, PLEASE!!!!

All in all, fans of the horror genre need to see this because to many horror films in this day and age rely heavily on gore and blood to make the audience wince or cringe, The Woman In Black does the complete opposite and with better results. This film is scary, creepy and will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you are to used to gore and violence then you might think this is to tame for you which means you have lost your horror edge and you suck. Seriously, go and see this film if horror is your preferred genre of film and you will not be disappointed.

Review- 4.5/5  Awesome horror film, excellently put together and I recommend it to anyone. Daniel Radcliffe is spot on.

Stay beautiful


2 responses

  1. You and I had completely different opinions of THE WOMAN IN BLACK; I absolutely hated this movie. But that is what is so wonderful about movie reviews…the dichotomy in reviewers opinions. I appreciated reading the things you enjoyed about the film. Good review.

    March 22, 2012 at 12:20 AM

  2. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it. To be honest I think because me expectations were so low of the film I was genuinely surprised by how well it turned out that’s why I praised it so highly.

    Thanks again for commenting.

    March 22, 2012 at 12:32 AM

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