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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Dear oh dear, why would they go and make this game after the two brilliant predecessors. I am just a humble gamer who has to stand up for the little man when I say fuck you Konami for making this abomination to the Metal Gear Solid franchise, HANG YOUR HEAD. NOW!

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was originally made for the Playstation Portable but has recently been re-released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 via the HD collection. You may remember I reviewed it a little while back and decided to play this shit heap, I have no problems with Metal Gear 2 or 3 because they are classics and are the pinnacle of stealth action genre of gaming but Peace Walker just blew my mind with how far you can backtrack if you don’t pay attention.

New camera angle. Fun Fun

The original and easy top down camera angle has been scrapped and replaced with a third person perspective which,to be fair, isn’t bad but when you have an a perfect game there really shouldn’t be any need for improvement, however I know you can’t bring out a game that has no modifications so fair enough. The easy lay out of the original games has been replaced by a confusing blunder of bullshit that baffled me so I ended up sticking with the tranquilizer gun and a grenade, even the rations are hard to find which, in this game, is a death penalty in itself.

The game-play just grated on me so much that I threw my controller in frustration because of how tame it became, I mean when you are grabbing someone and interrogating them with a knife to their throat and only being able to throw them to the floor instead of slitting their throat is beyond me. I know Konami always gave you a choice with killing people or avoiding them altogether but not being able to kill them with a swift slice is bollocks. There is hardly no blood in this game and it is replaced by red pixels that indicate a hit. Really! After Metal Gear 3 you expect me to be satisfied with Super Mario throwing a fireball? Fuck that.

CQC is awesome, but it does not redeem the game

You play as Big Boss again who turns into a mercenary after the events of Metal Gear 3 and that is a far as I got. Play it if you want but I wouldn’t recommend it.

The only appealing aspect of this game is the multiple CQC take-downs they are awesome so I shall give credit where it is due. Smashing a punk into the ground and then quickly grabbing his pal and flinging him half way across the map is fun so yeah.

I know other game reviewers highly praised this game but I’m different and I’ll tell it how it is, maybe I just like the classics but oh well.

Review 1/5: Because it is Metal Gear and the CQC is fun other than that it’s tear worthy because of the crap ness.

Stay beautiful.


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