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Fighting Force.

Ah yes we all remember these days, the days of polygon graphics and clunky controls that filled our days with joy. Fun times indeed.

Fighting force was released for the Playstation 1 in 1997 and for the Nintendo 64 at a later date but to be honest FUCK the N64, for now.

Fighting force was made by the folks at Eidos interactive, the same guys that brought us the original Tomb Raider but they decided to dabble in the genre of fighting games and why not? We all needed a good 3D beat em’ up, obviously Tekken was a one on one fighter but personally I wanted to see a game that was open and where weapons could be used to knock seven shades of shit out of someone and Fighting force certainly delivered.


I personally had this game when I was just a little nipper and I remember being this massive block of a man who I now know to be SMASHER. Picking people up and throwing and breaking them over your knee never seemed more fun and, for its time, Fighting force certainly seemed like a contender for one of the best beat em’ ups out there, Sadly it drifted away until I came across it on the Playstation network and I nearly shat my eyes out my arse. True story.

Big Fucker ain't he?

When you start playing it the controls seem so hard to work with because it’s the D-pad you’re using and you have to turn in such a way so you can punch a cunt but after that it gets easier. The game-play will get you remembering quicker than lady gaga jumping on a meat suit. The music is quite good as well for a PS1 but you will be hearing the same death grunts throughout the whole game and it is quite tedious but fuck it 1997 here people.

I won’t give a review on the nostalgia games because It’s only for people who want to remember the good old days. When you start remembering everything you will be like this guy.



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