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Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

I have been meaning to review this game for a while so, here it is.

Probably the best known franchise of games in Naughty Dog’s arsenal is the Uncharted series, personally Crash Bandicoot is my favourite but I kick it old school like Vanilla Ice, just a hell of a lot better.

Didn't think to call the emergency services no?

You, once again, take control of Nathan Drake on one of his escapades to find something that everyone thought was lost, in this particular scenario you are trying to find the legendary lost city or Iram of the pillars. Uncharted 3 is a class game one of the few out there that you will want to play at least a couple of times over to witness the sheer beauty of it.

Most cut-scenes are playable.

The game-play just sucks you in from the get go because most cut-scenes are playable and, to be honest, if I am allowed to play through a cut-scene I enjoy the game a lot more. Some of the scenarios in this game are intense and matched with the glorious visuals it will have you amazed as to how the makers pulled it off.

The controls are pretty much the same albeit a few changes here and there. You can now fight multiple enemies at the same time instead of fighting one, beating the shit out of him and then turning your sights on another hapless prick who thinks he’s Charlie big bollocks because he can throw a punch.The climbing aspect of the game is a tight as ever, a real thrill to play and the shooting is also brilliant. You can now chuck grenades back to enemies catching them off guard, it’s always fun seeing someone flying through the air.

Uncharted 3 really is a class game and if you haven’t played it then I pity you because it is really a pleasure to play.

Yeah, this bit is playable.

Review: 5/5 Class game there is really nothing else to say on it as it is a blinder.

Stay Beautiful.


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