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Total Recall.

ARNIE!!!!!!!!!!!! *Does patented Arnie Grunt* Yes!

Ah Yes, Total Recall one of the finer Arnie Films with an awesome premise and even more awesome execution, only Arnie (Arnold Schwarzenegger to you uncool folk) could pull off this film, which is why I am gutted they are re-making it with Colin Farrell as the lead, nothing against Mr Farrell but he can’t hold a candle to the patented Arnie grunt.

The stare of Arnie.

Total Recall stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Ironside, Sharon Stone, and that old guy who is always a villain, you know the one from Robocop where he plays and the villain who is an old guy. The film is about Doug Quaid who has a normal life, a wife and all that jazz and he hears about a place called Recall which let’s a person have all the memories of going to a place without actually going. Fun fun. Naturally Quaid jumps at the idea of going to Mars and this is where things start to go horribly wrong for everyone around Quaid as Quaid has already been to Mars for real and thinks he’s a super spy and he has all the techniques of Chuck Norris and James Bond.

Ahh, electronics

With everyone trying to kill him Quaid learns that he has already been to Mars and had his memory wiped. Watch the film to find out the rest because, fuck you that’s why.

Total Recall is a guilty pleasure it is fucking awesome beyond belief, it came out in 1990 and still is as fun to watch as it was back then, I think because I was a sperm going about my business at that time.

Arnie is as terrible as ever and comes out with some of his best one liners in this film. I love Arnie I think he is brilliant because he is so bad yet so fucking awesome at the same time.

Get your ass to Mars, get your ass to Mars, get your ass to Mars.

Definitely check out Total Recall, you won’t be disappointed!

Review: 5/5 Arnie at his best!

Stay Beautiful.


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