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The Suffering.

Been playing some old games just because I’ve blown the dust off my original Xbox and this creepy bastard of a game decided to rear its ugly head, so here’s the review!

This guy is fucked!

The Suffering came out in 2005 and back then I rented games more than I purchased them and it was worth it. This game scared the absolute shit out of me to the point where I returned it a couple of times but finally I plucked up the courage to see it through, a wise choice indeed!

The game is played in a 3rd person view but can be switched at any point to first person, clever yet you won’t be changing it that much only when you find yourself struggling to kill a certain group of enemies.

You play a Torque, a man who is convicted of killing his wife and 2 children and is sent to a shit hole of a prison where all types of weird bollocks start to unravel along with the story.

Right from the get go the game sets the atmosphere which is a “I better be careful because some fuck is going to jump out a wear me like a glove” atmosphere. The suffering is scary at some points and the creatures that you bump into are fucking grotesque to say the least and have no qualms about splitting your face with a blade that is sprouting from every orifice in their body.

Blades? How quaint.

The Suffering gives you the choice whether to be good and upon being so will give you help along the road of trying to escape the prison or being bad and offering you no help and just letting you carry on your quest to be the biggest cunt in history. Being good will be greeted by a flash on the screen of your deceased wife telling you that there is some good in you being bad however, you will be shown an image of a horrendous scene of blood and guts. Charming. There are 3 endings to the game and they are very different depending on how you go about your travels around the prison and surrounding areas, see a man crying for help? What do you do? Help him or blow his brains out the back of his head? Your choice.

A different take on this game is that, upon killing enemies or taking enough damage, you can transform into a hulking beast that looks like something out of Clive Barker’s mind. As this beast you can tear foes apart with pure ease but use it too much and you can kill yourself, what a catch.

Hey sexy.

The Suffering jumps into the sickest parts of the protagonist’s mind and you’re in the passenger seat. Throughout the game you will be shown some stomach turning images which include, dead children and sick looking creatures but all in good fun I guess. Well done Midway for making me feel uncomfortable.

The Suffering is definitely a game that you must play to see what I am talking about. It is quite good but can be repetitive. At some points you’re thinking “For fuck sake how much must a man go through to get from point A to point B without some prick trying to shoot my nuts off?! Torque is a bad ass yet a silent one so don’t expect to hear much apart from the transformation scream and a couple grunts here and there.

Review: 3/5: quite a good game but can be repetitive worth a try. Either you like it or you don’t.

There is a sequel and I would of reviewed that as well but the bastard I ordered it from sent me a moody copy and hasn’t replied to my message to get another one. Sad times.

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