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Hitman: Absolution News

Bald head and a bar code can only mean one thing. He’s back!

The bald man who breaks necks. Nice.

Hitman is definitely a game changer when it came to the stealth genre, being able to kill people in such a way that made it look like an accident and getting away with it scot free was pretty much the basis of the game and mate, I can safely say, it rocked the proverbial socks off the gaming world.

Originally on the pc and then ported to consoles after doing very well, it quickly became a household game and there were sequels and even a film about Agent 47, the protagonist of the game.

Welcome Hitman Absolution. The latest in the franchise and it looks like a solid competitor for the stealth genre of today, which has been lacking in recent years but there you go.

Only time will tell if this will be a game to remember or one you use to hold your cup of tea on in the morning.


Stay beautiful.


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