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The Warriors Game.

“I’m gonna shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle”. Oh Ajax you funny fucker.

Can you dig it?

Based of the hit 1979 film, The Warriors game is one of my favourites. Hands down. The game takes place 3 months, I think, before the events of the film and there after which really beefs out the characters more so than the film does because it dives in to past of the iconic red vested gang.

The game is primarily based on a gang brawl mechanic which means the majority of the time you will be brawling with 6 to 7 people while there is only 3 or 4 of you which really makes you want to batter as many of your enemies as you can while protecting your little clique.

Snow about to waste a Hi-Hat

One of the things that I liked was the damage you could take and really look like you have just faced at least 3 people. Your health is represented but a circular target underneath your character and it changes on how much damage you’ve taken, Green means fine, orange means meh and red means fuck your about to get weighed in. I mentioned the damage factor and based on where your life gauge is at your character will start to reflect as such, if your life is flashing red then your character will look like he has just been hit by a bus with him looking battered, which is cool and a nice touch. Getting health back is rather tricky as, if you haven’t got an item called flash which completely heals your wounds, you have to go see a drug dealer to get some which comes at a price or you could just bust his head and you’ll get a free can of the stuff.

Seen better days? I’d say so.

I really think here should be more games like this in the world because it is fun, very fun. It makes today’s brawlers looks like Justin Bieber’s singing career after his nuts have dropped, which means it makes them look like shit if you haven’t already guessed.

I would highly recommend The Warriors game and film for that matter to anyone they are both awesome. Don’t play the shitty arcade version of the game as that one is blasphemy to The Warriors, The console version is the way forward and if you have the arcade version retreat to your shame hole!

If that wasn’t enough The Warriors game has a multiplayer component where you and a friend can bust heads together or you can fuck each other up, whichever one suits your fancy. There is also flash back modes which allow you to see how the main members of The Warriors formed and joined the gang respectively. Even better so, Most of the cast from the film reprise their roles as the characters they played in the film.

Cochise wasting some fools in his initiation into The Warriors gang.

Review: 5/5: The Warriors is a must own in any game collection and I’m glad I got a chance to play it after all these years. Definitely worth the money originally and now. Rockstar has done it again.

Stay beautiful.


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