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I’m Back. Again. + Tekken Tag 2 Review

How guys, really, really sorry for the delay in reviews and what not I was working the Olympics and Paralympics and getting up at 4.AM every morning, 6 days a week 12 hours a day left me with fuck all time to myself. I don’t know how long I am back for but I will get out a couple of reviews in the next couple days or so. Be grateful you bastards, not really, I love you all. Here is my review of  Tekken Tag 2.

Heihachi looking a bit dapper, I must say.

Alright, I’ll admit this review is most probably going to suck more arse than David Cameron at a Jersey Shore reunion party. It has been a while and it may take me a while to get back into my groove. On a side-note I hear Snooki or whatever her name is pregnant?! Who allows these people to reproduce? Anyway, on with the Review.

I remember Tekken when it first came out on the almighty Playstation. Ah yes there is nothing quite like seeing a group of characters with massively over sized forearms beating the absolute shit out of each other.Fun times indeed. As in any sequel the graphics and fighting improved dramatically, don’t get me wrong you could still jump to ridiculous heights as an old man who could barely wipe his own arse but the core game-play was there which was beating the shit out of someone with a character who would make Popeye look like he’s in proportion.

The guns on this guy.

As the games progressed they got better and then worse. The whole “being able to customize” your character bullshit really started to piss me off to a point where I found it stupid, of course you could see Devil Jin wearing a Fedora and sparkly wings. The sarcasm in that sentence could be detected even through writing. Tekken Tag was the pinnacle of this franchise as it was on Ps2 and the whole game-play was phenomenal. Kicking the shit out of someone doing tag combos and other awesomeness really captured the element of a fighting game and it worked really well.

Awesome, for its time.

Enter Tekken Tag 2. Boasting a massive character roster from all previous games I was actually quite excited to see this game coming. You can’t really change the game drastically anymore because it is just a fighting game but Tekken Tag 2 added more combos, air juggling moves, Tag throws and more customization options. When all is said and done there is not really much you can add to a game that has been done over and over again. TTT2 is awesome to play competitively with friends, a couple of beers and good banter but as a single player experience it is the same as it has always been. Fuck the customization options though I don’t really want to see a big hulking bloke rocking a tutu and a swanky new haircut.

Overall Tekken Tag 2 brings everything back to the table like good fighting mechanics, long life fighting and endless fun with mates but like i said before there is not much you can add anymore and the whole customization thing is ridiculous. Going into a fight? Here have this pink fluffy hat.

Review. 3/5.

Same Tekken, same as always fun and competitive.

Stay beautiful.




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