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Hitman Absolution.

You would of thought this highly trained “Assassin”  would have grown at least a little but of a bush on his bald head, Just to make himself look a little less conspicuous.

Bald! Fucking bald!!

Bald! Fucking bald!!

So, good old Agent 47 is back and is doing what he does best, killing people in quite impressive ways and making it look like an accident and all the while getting paid ridiculous amounts of moolah. The life of an Assassin I guess.

Hitman Absolution takes a rather bold turn in the direction of ” I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to add a fuck load of features that overall take away from the feel of what made the original games so good just so it looks like I have made an improvement over my predecessors”. Hitman Absolution is very good, when you first start to play it, It isn’t until you start to get a couple of levels in that you start to realize ” Oh, It’s OK I guess but there is something missing”, Which is the problem completely from the get go. The game just doesn’t have the overall pressure and tensity that it’s predecessors did. In the original games you knew as soon as somebody caught you molesting someone in the corner with a butcher knife you were fucked, You had to do some Bruce Wayne shit to get out of the situation otherwise it was bye-bye and back to the checkpoint you go, Hitman Absolution just seemed a bit dumbed down and turned into a modern-day action game if times get hard. Hitman Absolution is not cack by any means, it’s a slick and refreshing take on old 47 but it deters to far away from what made its predecessors so awesome.

His head piece is a bit too much.

His head piece is a bit too much.


Hitman Absolution sees 47 become a bit more able, gone is the two-punch headbutt combo that was in the old games and in is the I can disarm you and make you my bitch in one swoop. The game-play, story, graphics and the overall feel is polished and new but again I just preferred the old games as they made me think and I know if I fucked it up that was it. Bye bye baldy. You couldn’t really have a game without 47’s old friends the silver ballers. there are a couple new features also which are the instinct meter which allows 47 to pull off some mad shit, like being able to see an enemy’s patrol pattern and being able to mark enemies with a cross and take all enemies out with just the push of a button. Nice touch, too Splinter Cell: Conviction for me but nice none the less.

Mark execute Mother Fucker!

Mark execute Mother Fucker!


Hitman Absolution is not for the die-hard fans of the series as they are likely to get pissed off by the fact that a lot has changed in 47’s world and there is nothing they can do about it. I completely get why Hitman Absolution has been given an overhaul and I can’t blame the developers for doing it because it’s about time a new Hitman was released. I would recommend Hitman Absolution to new comers really and to the die-hard fans just download the HD version of the older Hitman games that has become available.

Rating: 4/5 A worthy reboot of the franchise, just I don’t think it feels right for older gamers who are used to the older games in the franchise.

It feels good to be back.

Stay Beautiful.



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