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Dead Space 3

You’ve got to give it to Issac Clarke, not only is he just a humble space engineer he also has stopped the Necromorph onslaught 3 times. Damn, that’s a lot of nuts.

Bad ass stuff, right here.

Bad ass stuff, right here.

I will be the first to admit that after how unsettling and terrifying the original Dead Space was, I was a bit shocked to hear that a franchise I am a huge fan of was going to incorporate co-op and action into a solely horror game. I know the sequel to Dead Space deviated away from the horror and leaned more towards action/horror but it still had its moments of being genuinely frightening, take away the horror altogether however and all you’ve got is an over the shoulder Resident Evil 4 in space, or so I thought.

Do you have a moment to hear about our lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?

Do you have a moment to hear about our lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?

Dead Space 3 begins more of a prequel, literally for about 15 minutes, if that. You start off as playing as some unknown soldier type on a frozen planet, he comes equipped with the iconic suit and the like but why you are playing as the sap is questionable but explained later. The real protagonist, Issac Clarke, is then shown after the opening chapters and you can see he looks a bit older and a lot more pissed off. Dead Space 3 get’s going quite quickly, which is familiar considering its predecessors and you are thrown into the thick of things and you’re pretty much caught with your trousers down and your dick in your hand, not literally of course but you get what I mean.

You there, suck my dick!

You there, suck my dick!

The core game-play is familiar and you will be able to pick it up and get back into the groove of cutting things in half with your trusty array of tools and guns. The major difference with Dead Space 3 is the Bench, gone are the upgrade nodes and such and these are replaced by upgrade circuits with which you can upgrade your weapon with damage, clip size and reload speed. The Bench is widely used to craft new and improved weapons from scratch, I wasn’t to keen on this feature but seeing it first hand is very satisfying. Crafting your own weapon is awesome, plain and simple, there is nothing quite like having the traditional Plasma Cutter yet having it spit out acid with the plasma and causing devastating damage.

I wasn’t to fond of the idea of co-op and I haven’t had a chance to play it with someone as nobody likes me but I guess I’ll live. Smiley face.  Your co-op partner plays as John Carver who is near enough absent in the solo campaign but to help with the overall story he is there at the crucial points but when you need him the most in solo mode he just fucks off and somehow always meets you where you tell him to.

Carver is a Douchebag.

Carver is a Douchebag.

In my honest opinion, I think Dead Space 3 is phenomenal. The horror aspect is still there and I shall admit I did jump at times and there were bits in the game where I felt that I was going to get fucked up at any point in time. The audio logs and text logs you find scattered about definitely have away of making you feel uncomfortable which is what Dead Space does well.

The game-play is near enough identical to what we are all familiar with, obviously there are a few changes but I welcomed them. I can understand how people would be put off by the series taking a more action approach but there are only so many times in a horror game that something can jump out at you and make you shit your britches and after a while the horror does diminish and you can pretty much just fly through segments without so much as batting an eyelid but these are the breaks in the gaming industry I suppose. I can’t fault Visceral Games for approaching the Third game in the series with a different tack otherwise the game would have gotten stale and then Dead Space 3 would have been wasted so, good stuff Visceral you have my Kudos.

Me, after getting woken up. Proper.

Me, after getting woken up. Proper.

All in all I loved Dead Space 3 better than the second entry but the original still has my heart as it was a pure class and had you sitting in adult nappies waiting to shit yourself at every turn.

Dead Space 3 has all the right stuff to be awesome and, personally, I think it passes all the checkpoints to be awesome, great story, brilliant game-play, tremendous voice acting, the right amount of violence and horror and the soundtrack is still there so you can shit yourself when a crescendo hits without something actually happening.

Review 4.5/5 Epic game from start to finish. My only gripe is the cliff climbing segments, I wanted to cry on these parts but these are so few and far between that it shouldn’t matter.

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