Proper news and reviews, no bullshit. seriously.


This is me, I don’t normally look like this.

Hello there, well first things first, I like video games and films quite a bit so I thought I would give reviews a try and here we are.

Video games and films are my passion because there is nothing like sitting down and playing a game or watching a film and being immersed in whatever is on the screen.

Films and video games are awesome plain and simple although they aren’t for everybody which is fine but no other form of entertainment can keep you coming back over and over again.

Stick around and if you like what you see please come back and share the experience of awesome! I joke but if you are interested in what you see then keep checking for new content. If video games and films continue to be made then I’ll continue to review.

If you like what you see just click the Follow button on the home screen and get in touch.

Thanks for all your interest.

Michael Evans AKA Mr big

Stay beautiful.


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